How to use this application tool

  1. Create a new account
    Click "Create new account" at the navigation bar on the left side. Please fill in a username and your e-mail address. Filling in the fields marked by a red asterisk is mandatory. After clicking the button "Create new account", you will receive an automatically generated e-mail containing a verification link. Please verify your registration by clicking this link or pasting it into your browser's edit line.
  2. Define your password
    After verifying the account and the first log-in you have to define a password and save it by clicking on the button "Save" below.  
  3. Application
    Please click on "Applications" under "My Doctorate" at the navigation bar on the left side and then on "Antrag auf Annahme als Doktorand/in (Dr. phil. 2016) " under "Application". Please complete the form filling in all necessary fields including all tabs. All fields marked by a red asterisk are mandatory fields. Please assure to save your entries regularly. The entries will not be saved automatically. To edit your entries after saving, please click "Edit". You can edit your entries any number of times. To hand in your application, please click "Submit". As soon as your application has been handed in, no more changes will be possible.  
  4. Upload files
    Please be aware, that only non-encrypted files smaller than 5 megabytes can be uploaded.
  5. PDF summary of your application
    You can download a PDF summary of your application at any time before and after submitting your application. To do so, please click on "Applications" under "My Doctorate" and then select the PDF.
  6. Handing in your application
    Please click on the button "Submit", which you will find below the form in the editing mode. The application can only be handed in if all mandatory fields have been filled. After handing in the application it is no longer possible to edit it.
  7. Acceptance as a doctoral candidate
    As soon as your application has been checked and accepted by the Examination Office for Humanities and Social Sciences, you will receive a notification by e-mail. You can pick up your letter of acceptance only on presentation of original versions of the uploaded documents.
  8. University registration (Enrollment)
    Please be aware that registration as a doctoral student by the Office of the Registrar (Studentenkanzlei) or the International Office requires further steps. Please note the information provided by the homepages of the Studentenkanzlei or the International Office. You will receive the pre-filled application form for university registration (enrollment) at the International Office when picking up your letter of acceptance (see 7.).
  9. Extension of supervisory agreement
    At the earliest three months before expiry of your supervisory agreement you can apply for an extension. Please click on "Applications" under "My Doctorate" and on the symbol in the line "Extension of the Supervisory Agreement". You will need to upload a report on the progress of the dissertation and a statement from your supervisor. Your supervisor can give the statement on this form. Please make sure that the statement of your supervisor is also issued within the last three months of the current supervisory agreement. In your user account you can see in the "View" mode the duration of your supervisory agreement or its extension.